Kitra Hanson had everything: a pedigree American family that reached back to colonial times, connections to two American Presidents, the Hanson wealth made during the French-Indian Wars, a Harvard Business degree, and a deep, dark secret controlled by the genius of her pharmacist father, Akiva Hanson. Every Security Agency in the world considered her very existence a threat to humanity, and humanity’s only hope.

Tomb: The Revelation of Kitra Hanson Kindle Edition

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Aeon Century Company Incorporated (ACC Films, Inc) is a brand new internationally envisioned American original films production company in its debut production season of 2019 - 2022.  We are a Colorado USA corporation presently establishing it’s east coast division offices in Pennsylvania USA.  

Our six debut motion pictures over this period are: Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great (detailed historial drama about the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World), The Tykarindom Saga (A fantasy-adventure series of feature-films), Tomb (A historical Thriller), Imperium Wars (period drama set in 1898 - 1900 China) and Snow (A Christmas, fantasy-adventure).  Among our short films these year, we’ve completed Aura Lessons (Fantasy-adventure about bully) and Ethnocentric Windows (Drama), and plan on two more, Terrestrial Cafe (historical-spiritual) and Kiss The Bride (historical).  Our long term vision includes offices in: Colorado, PA, San Diego CA, and Munich, German where the feature film, Der Anschluss (period drama set in 1936-45 Germany and Austria)  has been green-lighted for our next production cycle along with the musical drama, The Dancers.