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Kitra Hanson had everything: a pedigree American family that reached back to colonial times, connections to two American Presidents, the Hanson wealth made during the French-Indian Wars, a Harvard Business degree, and a deep, dark secret controlled by the genius of her pharmacist father, Akiva Hanson. Every Security Agency in the world considered her very existence a threat to humanity, and humanity’s only hope.

Kitra Hanson (f))

Camera age: 25 - 30

Height 5'8 minimum

Physic: Slender, Athletic

Knowledge of German a Plus.

Martial Arts training a Plus

Gun training a Plus

"Local" to Colorado has an advantage but not required.  

Complete portfolio of interest in:


Tomb: The Revelation of Kitra Hanson

Kitra Hanson Image 2012.jpg

Her fate was the destiny of humanity; her secret spawned in the Tomb.

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