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Kitra Hanson had everything: a pedigree American family that reached back to colonial times, connections to two American Presidents, the Hanson wealth made during the French-Indian Wars, a Harvard Business degree, and a deep, dark secret controlled by the genius of her pharmacist father, Akiva Hanson. Every Security Agency in the world considered her very existence a threat to humanity, and humanity’s only hope.

Kitra Hanson (f))

Camera age: 25 - 30

Height 5'8 minimum

Physic: Slender, Athletic

Knowledge of German a Plus.

Martial Arts training a Plus

Gun training a Plus

"Local" to Colorado has an advantage but not required.  

Hanna Hanson

Camera age: 16-18

Supporting role

The influential teen sister of Kitra Hanson.  Her sense of her own Jewishness doesn't hamper her unique connection to her more cosmopolitan older sister, Kitra. 

Sara Hanson

Camera age: 40-50

Lead Supporting role

The wealthy, high society mother of Kitra Hanson.  A intriguing, sophisticated Lady with a keen sense of her place among the wealthy Jewish talented-tenth.  The Hanson Pedigree is of supreme importance to her.  

Akiva Hanson

Camera age:30-50

Supporting role

The pharmacist father of Kitra Hanson.

Eccentric and intelligent, his one goal is to protect his daughter Kitra from her gift and her special needs. And for this he devises a super secret formula.

Casmera, esq.
Supporting role
Camera age: 23-25
Natural redhead a plus but not required.
Kitra' all important fearless sidekick and protector. A newly minted redhead boulder attorney with a knack for unlocking tough riddles.


Detective Heatherwood

Camera age: 30-50

Supporting role

A gruff and cynical escape from New York high society who joins the Boulder Police force.  Former beau of Kitra's mother, Sara.  

Teen Kitra

Camera age: 13-18

Supporting role

The superheroine in her teen years.  A shy Kitra begins to discover her special needs and at her same time, their unusual powerful effects on her lifestyle and social connections. 

Jona Hymowitz

Camera age 25-30

Supporting role

Kitra's former fiancee and psychotherapist.  His stoic nature is reinforced by his place in Kitra's life and the purpose of his connection to the Lodge.

The Menace

Camera age 25-35

Supporting role

A mysterious, supremely confident German bounty hunter from a group called the syndicate in competition with the Lodge.  

Complete portfolio of interest in:

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Tomb: The Metamorphosis of Kitra Hanson

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Her fate was the destiny of humanity; her secret spawned in the Tomb.

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