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This project will be filmed for an exclusive release on a new streaming platform ACCTV.  Kitra Hanson is a daughter of high social pedigree; her Jewish-American family reaches back to colonial times with connections to two American Presidents. The Hanson wealth is made during the French-Indian Wars on the American continent, and it also posses a deep, dark secret controlled by the genius of Kitra's pharmacist father, Akiva Hanson. Kitra is at the center of the dark secret. When Kitra's sister Hanna Hanson is mysteriously murdered, Kitra is thrown into a maze of intrigue and self-discovery.  Security agencies around world consider her very existence a threat to humanity, and humanity’s only hope.

Kitra Hanson (f))

Kitra Hanson is a highly intelligent graduate of Harvard business school.  She is a business owner of Bons Magazins in Boulder, Colorado, which she proudly proclaims, "I started on my own dime, and not our family wealth."   A luxury styled Target-like store.  Kitra, however, has special needs which are critical to her nature.  

Camera age: 25 - 30

Height 5'8 minimum

Physic: Slender, Athletic

Knowledge of German a Plus.

Martial Arts training a Plus

Gun training a Plus

"Local" to Colorado has an advantage but not required.  

Hanna Hanson

Camera age: 16-18

Supporting role

Hanna is the kind, compassionate younger sister of Kitra.  She worries a lot about her older sister,  being fully devoted to protecting her from the consequences or the discriminations that result from Kitra's special needs.  She is also very proud of her  own Jewishness, which is completely opposite of her more cosmopolitan older sister.  She sees it as her life calling to inspire Kitra.

Sara Hanson

Camera age: 40-50

Lead Supporting roleSara is the wealthy, high society mother of Kitra Hanson.  A sophisticated Lady with a keen sense of her place among the wealthy Jewish talented-tenth.  The Hanson pedigree is of supreme importance to her.  Her byzantine skills, makes her supremely equipped to the intrigues of the dark shadowy world of the Lodge.  Sara is a drinker, highly-sensual, who will knife a perceived enemy of the Hanson's in a heartbeat.  

Akiva Hanson

Camera age:40-50

Supporting role

Akiva is the pharmacist father of Kitra Hanson.  An eccentric genius, his one goal is to protect his daughter Kitra from her special needs.  His success in developing a secret formula for his unique daughter, which he strives to keep hidden from his comrades in the Lodge, leaves him guilt-ridden, but he can't turn back now, and his noble-prize-accomplishment could cost humanity its very nature.    

Casmera Ada, esq.
Supporting role
Camera age: 21-25

Casmera Ada, esq.  She is a natural redhead with all the flaming traits.  Newly a member of the Colorado Bar, she's get's her first big client break when she snags Kitra's Hanson's case.  "This is not pro-bono," she boldly assert to Kitra.  She quickly becomes Kitra's all important sidekick and protector -- a fearless attorney with a knack for unlocking tough riddles.

Detective Heatherwood

Camera age: 40-45

Supporting role

Detective Heatherwood is a willing refugee from high society New York.  A gruff and cynical, chain-smoking escape from New York who joins the Boulder Police force.  Former beau of Kitra's mother, Sara, he is placed in the unenviable task of investigating Kitra Hanson as the prime suspect in her own sister's murder.   

Teen Kitra

Camera age: 13-16

Supporting role

Teen Kitra is shy, withdrawn, protective of herself and her special bond with her younger sister, Hanna.  Her special needs both restrict and expand her sense of herself.  She moves between self-horror and astonishment at her weaknesses and powers as they define what she is to become as an adult.   

Jona Hymowitz

Camera age 25-30

Supporting role

Jona is a stoic; emotional display is definitely not his thing.  But being from the key high society Hymowitz family in New York,  Jona was the matrimonial prize Sara Hanson wanted for her unique daughter, Kitra.   A psychotherapist, par excellence, Jona was also the choice of the Lodge, a super secret Hanson family organization.  

The Menace

Camera age 25-35

Supporting role

The Menace is a bounty hunter. Mysterious, supremely confident, he is from a group called the  the Syndicate in competition with the Lodge.  Kitra Hanson has a price on her head, and he believes he's the one to score the reward.  

Complete portfolio of interest in:

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Tomb: The Metamorphosis of Kitra Hanson

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Her fate was the destiny of humanity; her secret spawned in the Tomb.

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