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Theodora the great equity program is an opportunity for sponsors and investors to participant in this historic debut film production.   



Theodora The Great
Starring role
Camera age: 21 - 35
Height 4'8 - 5'8


200,000 shares of ACC Films, Inc., Stock paid in advance with a signed acting services agreement.

The Greatest Christian Empress of the ancient Roman World.  Wife to the equally famed, Emperor Justinian the Great.  Famed actress in her  time, and eventually elevated to Sainthood.  No ancient empress is like her.  Wise, courageous, flamboyant and daring.


This project is being developed in Greeley, Colorado. Screentests for selected candidates begin as appropriate.

Portfolios of interest to:


Lead Supporting Role
Camera age: 35-40
Height : 4'8-5'8
Physique : Average
Complexion: Caucasian, Mediterranean, Greek

This is an intensely physical role involving kissing and heavy sexual suggestion in more than one scene between two passionate historical lovers. There is limited top nudity.

This project is in its packaging phase. We offer a box office contract based on funding raised for the project during its packaging. There is an initial signing bonus of 50,000 Class B stock shares payment in ACC Films, Inc., which automatically vests 6 months after execution.

Send Portfolio of interest to:

Emperor Justinian The Great

Lead Supporing, Male

Camera age: 35-40

Height: 5'9 - 6'0
The wise and shrewd, last latin-speaking Emperor of the Roman Empire.  Husband of Theodora The Great, this new emperor gambles all to restore the Western provinces to the Roman Empire with his talented and unique Empress Wife Theodora.


Areobindus Carthingus

Supporting, Male

Camera age: 18 -21

Height: 5'9 - 5'11

The noble rising son of the Bzyantine Roman Senatorial Carthingus family finds himself caught up at the center of a Great Empress' Court and is made Stewart.  Her trusted aid, and the tasks runs great risks for a rising noble family.



Supporting, Male,

Camera age: 21- 25, 

Height 5'9- 5'11

Looking for someone with dark complexion, Greek, Mediterranean features a plus, Ethiopian feature a plus, sword or fencing skills a plus.

Theodoius is engaged in a passionate love affair with Antonina, wife of General Belisarius, and is his adopted Son, Theodosius. His love affair with Antonina, the suff of Romeo and Juliet, could shape the Byzantine Roman Empire. 


You must be comfortable with many physically intimate moments to portray this character. There is significant amount of kissing and adult moments with this role. There is no nudity, but several suggestive moments.

We need six elegant ladies for the featured-principal role of Retinue.  This is a significant on camera role and some speaking opportunities.  6 elegant ladies make up the great Empresses; retinue.  
Camera age: 16 -25
Height: no more than 5'9
weight: no more than 150 lbs.
Dark hair and eyes preferred but not required.

Looking for Ladies of elegance, grace, excellent English diction.  This doesn't mean you can't have an accent.  Indeed, a clear and distinct eastern European or southern European accent is an plus

Not since Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus, Joseph L Mankiewicz's Cleopatra and Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments has an historical drama captured such a worldwide speculation!

In Theodora The Great, Dr. Johnson's 10 years of careful original source research lays the foundation of an cinematic tour-de-force! Encapsulating in one film all the pageantry, pomp, intrigue, and panorama captured in the earlier cinematic behemoths with a new towering historic figure, the Empress Theodora The Great. Never before told cinematically by any other America Studio.

The world of the classical Roman Empire is transforming, and the Emperor Justinian has risen to rule the Eastern Roman Empire. The western Roman Empire, sixty years now under control of the Ostrogoths since the fall of Old Rome, is in Justinian's eyes, the last Latin speaking Roman Counsel. He meets Theodora, most famous actress of the empire. The stage is set for the greatest story from the Roman age not yet told -- Theodora The Great!

Want to be a part of bringing this amazingly untouched story to America's Big Screen? Contact ACC, Inc. Film Productions for details on how to be a sponsor, donor or more. The time has come! Theodora the Great can be ignored no more.


"The Roman Eagle rises once more to reclaim its own; history will be made and nations transformed!"

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