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The Tykarindom Saga is a creation of Dr. Larry E. Johnson, a production of Starfree Entertainment, Inc, licensed through ACC Films, Inc.

Supernaturalites, Part 1 of the original fantasy-adventure of the new decade, the Tykarindom Saga. The Series Saga beginning with Agia The Supernaturalite, her foster sister, Sophia The Tyonian, and  her 4 Urbanite companions Nadine, Casandra, Joanna and Muna confronting danger in a struggle between the realms of the Supernatural and Magic. All the while followed by the mysterious Half-twins, Andrea and Jenny.

In Part 1, Supernaturalites


 "When Agia, the Supernaturalite, enters the Kingdom of Urban to confront the rising tide of Magic, the evil Wizard Jude forces her into a dark bargain to extract the Urban Queen's soul in exchange for her stolen Dove."  -- Logline/Tykarindom Part 1


"Everything you thought you knew about the Supernatural is about to change!" 


--Tagline / Tykarindom


Tykarindom: Supernaturalites

Tykarindom: Rise of the Foreverworld Lord

Tykarindom:Queen's Gambit

Tykarindom: Temptations

Tykarindom: Extraterrestrials

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