The Tykarindom Saga is a creation of Dr. Larry E. Johnson, a production of Starfree Entertainment, Inc, licensed through ACC Films, Inc.

Supernaturalites, Part 1 of the original fantasy-adventure of the new decade, the Tykarindom Saga. The Series Saga beginning with Agia The Supernaturalite, her foster sister, Sophia The Tyonian, and  her 4 Urbanite companions Nadine, Casandra, Joanna and Muna confronting danger in a struggle between the realms of the Supernatural and Magic. All the while followed by the mysterious Half-twins, Andrea and Jenny.

In Part 1, Supernaturalites


 "When Agia, the Supernaturalite, enters the Kingdom of Urban to confront the rising tide of Magic, the evil Wizard Jude forces her into a dark bargain to extract the Urban Queen's soul in exchange for her stolen Dove."  -- Logline/Tykarindom Part 1


"Everything you thought you knew about the Supernatural is about to change!" 


--Tagline / Tykarindom


Tykarindom: Supernaturalites

Tykarindom: Rise of the Foreverworld Lord

Tykarindom: Temptations

Tykarindom: Extraterrestrials

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Aeon Century Company Incorporated (ACC Films, Inc) is a brand new internationally envisioned American original films production company in its debut production season of 2019 - 2022.  We are a Colorado USA corporation presently establishing it’s east coast division offices in Pennsylvania USA. ACC Films, Inc. is founded by Dr. Larry E. Johnson.   Our six debut motion pictures over this period are: Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great (detailed historial drama about the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World), The Tykarindom Saga (A fantasy-adventure series of feature-films), Tomb (A historical Thriller), Imperium Wars (period drama set in 1898 - 1900 China) and Snow (A Christmas, fantasy-adventure).  Among our short films these year, we’ve completed Aura Lessons (Fantasy-adventure about bully) and Ethnocentric Windows (Drama), and plan on two more, Terrestrial Cafe (historical-spiritual) and Kiss The Bride (historical).  Our long term vision includes offices in: Colorado, PA, San Diego CA, and Munich, German where the feature film, Der Anschluss (period drama set in 1936-45 Germany and Austria)  has been green-lighted for our next production cycle along with the musical drama, The Dancers.