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Tykarindom Sales Agent 

As a Tykarindom sales agent you'would be promoting a family oriented fantasy-adventure series, anchored by six screenplays.  


With  over 1,287,467 shares to sell, and merchandising sales opportunities, the potential for profit is almost without limit!

Total Class B Shares: 3,050,825

Total Class B Shares Issued: 1,763,358

Total Class B Shares Vested: 793,029

Total Shares Outstanding: 1,287,467

Share Price: $5 per share.

Total Value of shares issued: $8,816,790
Total Value of Vested Shares: $3,965,145

Total Value of Outstanding shares: $6,437,335

Total Investor/Shareholders Contracts: 44

Total Employment/Independent Contracts overall: 48

Aeon Century Company Incorporated



“Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force.”  



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We are open to various partnership arrangements. 

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