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Everything you thought you knew about the supernatural is about to change! - Tykarindom

Tykarindom is now Casting for the rolling role:

"Urmacht Soldiers."

The "Urmacht Soldiers" are the defenders of the Urban Queen's magic-wielding kingdom of Urban. These are extra and principal extra roles which will be needed for the coming spring /summer filming.

Camera age: 15 - 21 (M/F)

Height various

Weight various

Talent with some martial arts training a plus.

We are looking to fill 10 positions. 4 will be speaking principal extra roles.

Ability to read and speak German a plus but not required.

Video Camera

1st Assistant Camera Person 3rd Assistant Director, and Grip : 


We began filming Part 1 of our original fantasy-adventure saga July 202o and completed Episode 1 of the series.  We are beginning a big marketing push in the coming months.  Ask your providere to pick up Supernaturalites!


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