For Jessie Giammati (ACC Studio Star, Ava Lyons), Christmas was a 12 day memorial to her mother Adora, until Snow came into her life. A mysterious other-world being, Snow, brings to Jessie's Queens 6 Club a challenge that leads to the very heart of Christmas itself. An original Christmas story with a Christmas Heart.


Victor Dix 13 - 15

SNOW(male) : 18 - 21

Kaley, (F) 12 -15  This role requires ice-skating ability.

Ariata(F) : 25 - 30

Frank Giammati: 35 - 40

Adora (F): 30 - 38

Blizzard Queen: 21 - 28

Father John Dix 35 - 40

Eliza Dix 30 - 35

SNOW is now the final stages of development with pre-production and production planned for late 2021-22.

Character: Kaley

Camera age: 12 - 16

Height 4'8 - 5'8

Kaylen is best ice-skating friend to our lead character, Jessie Giammati; a critical lead supporting role.

You skills:

You must really be proficient on ice-skates. It's can't be a "I just begun to learn thing", because of what one of her major scenes requires the ability to perform continuously on ice-skates (see video example attached)

Acting training: You must have had a least a couple actor training sessions

with an experienced actor.

We have a "Local" preference; so if you are local to Western PA or Southeastern Ohio, and/or, you are able to self-report, we strongly encourage you to apply for the role. However, this is NOT a requirement, we are looking for the best friend fit for our star.

Snow welcomes the numinous and talented Katie Otten to it's original Christmas story as Adora.


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