For Jessie Giammati (ACC Studio Star, Ava Lyons), Christmas was a 12 day memorial to her mother Adora, until Snow came into her life. A mysterious other-world being, Snow, brings to Jessie's friend Victor Dix and their Queens 6 Club a challenge that leads to the very heart of Christmas itself. An original Christmas story with a Christmas Heart.


Ariata(F) : 25 - 30

Father John Dix (principal extra)35 - 40

Eliza Dix (principal extra) 30 - 35

Mr. Giovanni (Principal extra) 30 - 40. 

Other Principal roles 

Schnee Snowflake (f) 12 - 15

Glowind Snowflake (f) 15 - 18

Warmheart Snowflake (m) 25 - 35.  Father Siblings of Snow.

Delegate Weinstein (M) 20 - 25.

SNOW; filming begins this August 2021. An original Christmas story from the creator of Theodora the Great and the Tykarindom Saga.

Ice Castle Promo Pic Journey To the Very

Snow welcomes the PA native Garrett Fedor to the leader supporting role to it's original Christmas story as Snow.

Drew Beckas

We have a "Local" preference; so if you are local to Western PA or Southeastern Ohio, and/or, you are able to self-report, we strongly encourage you to apply for roles. However, this is NOT a requirement, we are brand new and are looking to build our studio base of talent.  We have a unique brand called The Way.  Click on our video to learn more.

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Director, Dr. Larry E. Johnson; creator of Theodora The Great and the Tykarindom Saga.


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