ACC Films Studio Star, Alyssa Oster as Jess Kolovos-Harding.

TWO SISTERS are caught in the grip of Demon Tollers, in an unimaginable afterlife of terror and disorientation -- where life, death, and love is not what you might imagine.

Casting Call:  

Starring role  of Athena Kolovos.  Camera age: 21-25, Local, to Western, PA and able to self-report to all project development activities.


Andrew Mathewson

Lead Supporting (M)

Camera Age: 25 - 35

Local, to Western PA and/or able to self-report to all project development activities in Western, PA. 

Andrew teaches Jess' classroom and what he teaches is a peculiar form of theology.  This Arch-Demon is suave, presentable and modern, and he is determined to discover the Kolovos family secret.

Other open roles:

Kaylen Kolovos, supporting (f), mother of Athena and Jess Kolovos.  Mother Kolovos is a unique mother with unclear loyalties.

Camera age: 40 - 45

Lexi, supporting  (f).  As the demon leader of the human vigilante group, House of Ariel, Lexi is a gruff, chain-smoking hybrid, who leads her crew of Tweeners with gusto and fear. 

Camera age: 30 -35

Dr. Sandra Artemis, Supporting (f). Camera age 25 - 30.  The doctor will soon discover that science and the theology of her Orthodox faith are not exactly incompatible.  Will she overcome her skeptic's mind  be quick enough to escape the grasps of the Tollers?

Nurse Van Fleet, Supporting (f), Camera age 19 - 25, there's is nothing more terrifying than being on shift  watching over a creepy comatose patient who should be dead.  Strange things keep happening on her watch.  

Complete portfolios to:

Jess Kolovos-Harding, her sister Athena Kolovos-Harding and their mother Kaylen are being tormented by the House of Aerial, a Boulder, Colorado vigilante group controlled by a legion of demons under arch-demon Lexa.  However,  Athena  is the only one of the three Kolovos family members to have any hope of breaking all three of them free, and Charakas, Lord of the House of Ariel wants to know why Athena is so elusive?  Can Athena discover her advantage before the door of escape for the Athena, Jess and Kaylen Kolovos closes shut?

Alyssa Oster


Dale Dobson

Father Dokos

Aeowyn Sayer

Marterse Dix