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All our studio stars are either starring, co-starring or lead supporting actor and actress in one of our feature film productionsThat is the first requirement you should note, becoming an ACC Studio Star requires first earning a Starring, co-starring or lead supporting role in one of ACC's feature films.

We brought back the Studio Star concept as part of a distinguishing mark for ACC Films.  We want to cultivate permanent, lasting talent.  We seek talent that fit our brand, and we want them to come back again and again.  We want the movie going audience to Identify with the ACC brand not only in film content but talent personas.  

ACC Studio Stars get many privileges, among them life-tenure with ACC Films.  That means, so long as they in the acting field, they have an open door at ACC Films to all their perks; such as, the right to review new screenplays before non Studio Star actors.  They have preferred (Think of it like if you are former active duty military and now you are seeking a job in the free market -- you have preferred status.  Same principal here) status when auditioning for any role in an ACC Film, and they have strong input into who will be cast in any film they star in.    These are just some of the perks that come with ACC Films Studio Star Status.  

Of Course, there are responsibilities that come with the title Studio Star.  We are a Orthodox Christian film production company, and while we do not require talent to be Christians, we  do require respect for these principals on and off the set.  As an ACC Studio Star, you are an ACC Films Ambassador to the general public and the ACC Film family.  You would also have a heavy marketing responsibility.  We are a One Humanity- One Culture film production company as well, with talent from around the world, and so our ACC Films Studio Stars reflect this international brand.  We do not tolerate in any fashion any kind of racist, ethnocentric, Zenophobic or anti-semitic attitudes, and we expect our ACC Studio Stars to reflect this cosmopolitan brand. 

In the end, we are about Cinematic Art, and we make films here in the historical, fantasy-adventure, and Christian spiritual (Horror as well) genres.  You can make your cinematic home here as an ACC Films Studio Star.  We are a film corporation, we offer a equity profit sharing program, and have already issued over 1 million shares of stock.  

We look forward to you joining us, and maybe, one day become an ACC Studio Star.

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Aeon Century Company Incorporated (ACC Films, Inc) is a brand new internationally envisioned American original films production company in its debut production season of 2019 - 2021.  We are a Colorado USA corporation presently establishing it’s east coast division offices in Pennsylvania USA.  

Our six debut motion pictures over this period are: Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great (detailed historial drama about the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World), The Tykarindom Saga (A fantasy-adventure series of feature-films), Tomb (A historical Thriller), Imperium Wars (period drama set in 1898 - 1900 China) and Snow (A Christmas, fantasy-adventure).  Among our short films these year, we’ve completed Aura Lessons (Fantasy-adventure about bully) and Ethnocentric Windows (Drama), and plan on two more, Terrestrial Cafe (historical-spiritual) and Kiss The Bride (historical).  Our long term vision includes offices in: Colorado, PA, San Diego CA, and Munich, German where the feature film, Der Anschluss (period drama set in 1936-45 Germany and Austria)  has been green-lighted for our next production cycle along with the musical drama, The Dancers.  

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