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A 170+ scene, detailed, historical drama about the rise of the famed actress of Constantinople to the throne of the early Byzantine Roman (Eastern Roman) Empire.  Never before told by any other American Studio.  By Mr. Larry E. Johnson, from over ten years of detailed historical research of primary sources.


Constantinople 3Dc.jpg

Not since Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus, Joseph L Mankiewicz's Cleopatra and Cecil B. DeMille's Ten Commandments has an historical drama captured such a worldwide speculation!

In Theodora The Great, Mr. Johnson's 10 years of careful original source research lays the foundation of an cinematic tour-de-force! Encapsulating in one film all the pageantry, pomp, intrigue, and panorama captured in the earlier cinematic behemoths with a new towering historic figure, the Empress Theodora The Great. Never before told cinematically by any other America Studio.

The world of the classical Roman Empire is transforming, and the Emperor Justinian has risen to rule the Eastern Roman Empire. The western Roman Empire, sixty years now under control of the Ostrogoths since the fall of Old Rome, is in Justinian's eyes, the last Latin speaking Roman Counsel. He meets Theodora, most famous actress of the empire. The stage is set for the greatest story from the Roman age not yet told -- Theodora The Great!

Want to be a part of bringing this amazingly untouched story to America's Big Screen? Contact ACC, Inc. Film Productions for details on how to be a sponsor, donor or more. The time has come! Theodora the Great can be ignored no more.


"The Roman Eagle rises once more to reclaim its own; history will be made and nations transformed!"

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