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We will be add three new studio sets at this studio location 44 x 32  Each set capable of interchange for maximum coverage.  

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There will be ample space for a control room, filming equipment, and more.



Dear  family, friends, sponsors, investors and supporters.

You have supported our debut film projects in the past, and we are here to ask you to help us take the next big step to those debut films.


We have received a bid  to build three set platforms in our new Studio location for $2900.  The set platforms will make it possible to upgrade the types of filming needed to bring our feature-films to the free market.    

The sets platforms will be constructed with the eye to continual reuse of the next 3 years, capable of change from one production set effort to another, saving us thousands in studio rental expenses and boosting our profit potential.  

To get construction going we need to raise the get started fee of $1350.   Can you help us raise that amount?  Any part of that amount would be deeply appreciated.  We are hoping to have these sets ready for use by May 27th.  It's a short window, but we know you can come through as you have in the past. 


Become one of our sponsors and get a perk!  just check out our sponsor link on this page.  Or you can simply donate by hitting the donor link button

Or Go big and become an executive producer investor with ACC FILMS, Inc.  Hit the invest link.


Whichever approach you choose, you will be bringing the story of Theodora The Great, Toll House Horrors, Tomb, Snow, Imperium Wars and so much more to life, and supporting the Arts.


You can send any financial help directly to us via Paypal by using this email address:  


With Sincere regards,

Larry, President/CEO

ACC Films

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