President Andrew Johnson rises to the executive chair in the White House after an assassin's bullet fells the beloved President Lincoln. 

Based on twenty years of detailed historical research, the epic defining moment of the American Reconstruction era 1865 - 1877 brought to life by the creator of Theodora The Great and Imperium.  A story of historic loves, sufferings, hopes, and visions clash in a world seething from post-war trauma.  Building his story around four historic families with the Presidential Administration of President Andrew Johnson, never before covered in this detail cinematic fashion before.   Now in script development.

PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON April 15, 1865 - March 4, 1869.

From the intriguing halls of Capitol Hill and the White House to the uncertain streets of New Orleans, the American ethos undergoes its postwar upheaval amidst political struggle, new uncertain freedoms for four million former slaves, huge hopes of dreaming missionaries, vengeful regrets from returning legions, and the fire of forbidden loves.

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Aeon Century Company Incorporated (ACC Films, Inc) is a brand new internationally envisioned American original films production company in its debut production season of 2019 - 2022.  We are a Colorado USA corporation presently establishing it’s east coast division offices in Pennsylvania USA.  

Our six debut motion pictures over this period are: Toll House Horrors, Theodora The Great (detailed historial drama about the greatest Christian Empress of the Ancient World), The Tykarindom Saga (A fantasy-adventure series of feature-films), Tomb (A historical Thriller), Imperium Wars (period drama set in 1898 - 1900 China) and Snow (A Christmas, fantasy-adventure).  Among our short films these year, we’ve completed Aura Lessons (Fantasy-adventure about bully) and Ethnocentric Windows (Drama), and plan on two more, Terrestrial Cafe (historical-spiritual) and Kiss The Bride (historical).  Our long term vision includes offices in: Colorado, PA, San Diego CA, and Munich, German where the feature film, Der Anschluss (period drama set in 1936-45 Germany and Austria)  has been green-lighted for our next production cycle along with the musical drama, The Dancers.